about integrated pacific

At Integrated Pacific group we specialize in facilitating international trade by helping businesses navigate the complexities of exporting products to foreign markets. 

We provide services such as market research, distribution, logistics, compliance with international regulations, and marketing to help your product succeed in global markets. 

Whether you are in the UK, Europe or Asia, talk to us today and let our 50+ strong team support your business.

Our Services Include:

• Market Research: We use market research to identify potential opportunities and assess the demand for products or services in foreign markets.

Market Entry Strategy: We assist in developing a market entry strategy, considering factors such as target audience, pricing, and distribution channels in the international market.

Distribution and Logistics:  logistics and distribution of products, ensuring they reach their destination efficiently and in compliance with international regulations.

Legal Compliance: We help navigate the complex legal and regulatory requirements associated with international trade, including customs documentation and trade regulations.

• Risk Management: We provide expertise in managing risks associated with currency fluctuations, political instability, and other global business risks.

• Sales and Marketing: We work with you to develop strategies for sales and marketing activities in the target markets, promoting products and building brand awareness.

• Sales and Marketing: We work with you to develop strategies for sales and marketing activities in the target markets, promoting products and building brand awareness.

• Negotiations and Contracts: We can act on your behalf when negotiating contracts with distributors or business partners in foreign countries, ensuring favorable terms for its client.

• Local Knowledge: We leverage knowledge of local markets, & offer insights into cultural nuances, consumer behavior, and business practices in different regions.

• Financial Management: We help manage financial transactions, including invoicing, payment collection, and currency exchange, to streamline international financial processes.

• Networking: With our established network of contacts and relationships in various international markets, facilitating smoother business operations for its clients.

By partnering with Inpac, businesses can leverage specialised expertise to navigate the complexities of international trade, reduce risks and expand their global footprint.

The Opportunity

You possess a remarkable brand, service, or product and have made a significant impact in your local market. As you contemplate expansion, a promising question arises: Can your brand find success on a larger stage? 

The answer is a resounding “yes,” especially when you’ve already conquered the local market.

The Challenge

But where should you begin this exciting journey? Achieving success locally doesn’t automatically guarantee success in broader markets. The path forward may seem unclear. You might wonder who to reach out to, how to resonate with a different customer base, and whether any changes to your branding are necessary.

The Solution

This is where we come in. We specialize in creating a bridge for European companies eager to establish a stronger presence in the Asian region.

Thinking Of Expanding Internationally?

At Inpac, we grasp the complexities of international business, and it’s our mission to make your brand’s transition seamless. Our extensive experience affords you the confidence to venture into global markets, and we adapt our approach to suit your brand’s unique requirements, expertly connecting you with your intended market.

Key Benefits

Global Logistics Expertise

Our team specializes in global logistics, providing a door-to-door service that simplifies the international distribution of your products.

Compliance & Standards

Our in-depth understanding of international legislation, customs, and industry standards allows you to concentrate on your core business, knowing that your products will reach their destination with ease.

Work With Integrated Pacific

Embarking on international expansion has never been more accessible with Inpac. We pave the way, ensuring your brand’s journey into new markets is smooth and successful.